Question : Do you have a time limit on your sessions?

Answer : Nope, no time limit.. I am a comfy , custom photographer. I understand I am making something for you .. If I put a time limit on it, we might feel rushed or stressed. I don't like stress. LOL.. Now.. that being said.. I do have an internal clock that just ticks when I know I have what I need.. Sometimes it takes a short session, sometimes longer..  I also travel for a ton of my outdoor sessions, so .. I don't book my days heavy with sessions. 3-5 is my MAX on a day.. and that way I have travel time.. The average time a session takes is listed below.

Newborns 1-4 hours

Babies and Children 1-1.5 hours

Families 1-1.5 hours.


Question : What days are you open?

Answer : The studio is by appointment only, 7 days a week


Question : How do I make an appointment?

Answer : You can call or text 816.438.1042. Text is probably faster.

Email - littlehousephoto@hotmail.com

Facebook message me at

Little House Photography

Question : What do we wear? What should we do?

Answer : Every session is custom to you. If you don't have any ideas that is okay, I will throw ideas your way. Pinterest is a great place to search for ideas and colors you might like together, but please understand I am not a copycat photographer and all the pictures you pin might be adorable, but all are taken at different times of the day , by different photographers, different lighting situations, different subjects.. ect.. ect...



Question : What if it is raining?

Answer : I will always be in contact with you if the weather looks iffy. While I do have an indoor studio in my home , space is limited so we will usually reschedule your appointment and honestly.. you probably picked me because you like my outdoor shooting style.. so we WILL NOT get that inside the studio.. While you will get great pictures inside, it won't be what you were expecting. Lighting is one of the most important things when creating a beautiful photograph. If it is very overcast I might reschedule you depending on what we were doing. :)


Question : What if my child get sick?

Answer : I have been a mommy too, while my child is over the age of 20, I do know that you cannot control any of that. NO worries and NO fees.. Just notify me as soon as you can and we can reschedule you.


Question : How do I pay you?

Answer : You have a few ways. Cash, Credit Card (everything but American Express) 

Paypal, Check & my Payment Plan (click on link)

The session fee is due at the time of your session. Unless you are entering into the payment plan. If you enter the payment plan you will pay a deposit and I will collect your Credit Card information.


Question : When will my pictures be ready? How will I get them?

Most orders take 3-4 weeks to complete. Some things longer especially if it is peak fall season . That season is August - December... ... don't be afraid to ask.... :)      I am a really picky and I refuse to give you something substandard that does not represent me.. I work really good with  deadlines so please give me any that you have.  (I have a few weddings I am completing and wedding clients will want to check their contract)

Question : I know there are more pictures, why can't I see them and pick?

Answer : Because you chose me as your photographer I am assuming you loved my style and the way I photograph. I will make sure I pick the very best of the best for your picture package. If for some reason you think there is one particular picture you want to see, I am happy to search for that one image for FREE. There is probably a reason as to why it is not in your FINAL package. :)

Trust me.. If there is a beautiful image you can be assured I will make sure you have it.


Question : Can I bring my dogs & animals?

YES.. please do!!!  I love animals.. Some of my locations have leash laws, some don't allow pets.. lets visit about it though and try to make it all work.

We will let the animal play in the beginning to get all the happy energy out if needed. Please bring treats and toys your dog or animal likes. And remember the leash. :)


Question : How fast do you book up?

I book up on weekends 2-3 months in advance. I try to only work one weekend day each week. If I book a session on a Saturday, I will book all the sessions on that Saturday and vice versa.

I work in the evenings to accommodate those who needed a weekend , but we just couldn't make it happen soon enough. I also book daytime shoots.

Newborn sessions should be booked as soon as you think you want to use me as your photographer. :) Those sessions can take 1-4 hours.